Steam Cleaning Restoring

Guste Company steam cleaning service is an effective method for removing certain substances from surfaces. We have been providing pressure washing, power washing, and steam cleaning services for years.

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Stone & Brick Cleaning

We cleaning and restoring all acid resistant stones such as:
– quartz sandstone,
– granite,
– basalt and the like,
– Burned rocks also like: clinker, decorative bricks, decorative stones, terracotta

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Windows Cleaning Restoration

We clean the inner and outer parts of the windows by gaining access from inside. If necessary we use ladders, extension poles, boom lifts, or descent from the roof using special high rise equipment to gain the access from the outside.

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Factory Cleaning & Restoring

We quickly and effectively clean:

dirt, moss, algae,
as well as fungi spores from all types of buildings, factory, roofs, façades, foundations, basements, attics, paving.

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Aluminum Cleaning, Metal Cleaning, Stain Steel Cleaning

We clean and restore all metal surfaces, such as:
– painted parts
– powder painted surfaces
– precious metals
– anodized aluminum,
– non-ferrous metals,

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Paving Cleaning

We determine the intensity of pressure and temperature subject to the cleaning surface. Such technology helps us more quickly and effectively cleaning deeper soaked sludge, also eradicating moss, grass and its pores, bacteria, which cannot…

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Our Clients Include:
Multi-Unit Communities, Property Managers & Property Management Companies, Strata Councils – Multi-Unit Condo Assc. (HOA’s), Businesses & Store Owners, Maintenance & Facility Managers, Government and Municipal Departments, Rental Complexes (Apartments), Co-Ops (Cooperative Housing Associations)…